Aaron M. Rasmussen

Legal Practice Areas
Family Law- Dissolution of Marriage, Child Support, Child Custody, Paternity.

Criminal Law- Major Felonies and Serious Drug charges, DUI, Assault, Domestic Violence, Traffic and Misdemeanor Defense.

Spokane Lawyer

Aaron M. Rasmussen is a fighter for the rights of individuals facing the challenges of our criminal justice system. His belief in the importance of criminal defense attorneys in the lives of real people started during his tenure at the Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney’s office while still in law school. There he saw the incredible impact that a good defense attorney can have in the life of his client.

After attending law school at Gonzaga University, Mr. Rasmussen knew he wanted to work as a criminal defense attorney. He worked for a small firm for two years where he honed his skills before venturing out on his own in 2007 so that he could focus more completely on criminal defense.

Mr. Rasmussen will investigate the unique circumstances surrounding your case and charge, as well as any relevant laws or statutes that might give you a better chance at a positive result. He will handle any interaction with law enforcement or another third party as they conduct their research and attempt to build a case against you. Mr. Rasmussen’s goal is to have your charge dropped or lessened as much as possible, but if your case ultimately reaches trial, he will be advocating on your behalf and making sure that your rights are protected throughout the process.

Mr. Rasmussen joined Harrington Law Office, PLLC, where he has the opportunity to further build his criminal defense practice with the firm’s expanded resources and reputation for excellence.

Mr. Rasmussen has litigated major cases in federal, state, and local court. He has handled cases ranging from misdemeanor suspended license all the way up to murder and major federal drug conspiracy charges. Everyone deserves a strong defense.

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