Determine Your Rights as a Father in Washington State

Divorce is a painful process for anyone. Fathers, in particular, often feel as though the mere act of divorcing their wives will guarantee that they take a backseat in the matters of their children’s lives, rearing, and education. Every state has distinct guidelines in terms of father’s rights, and the State of Washington is no […]

Understanding Washington State Proposed Parenting Plan

If you are filing for divorce in the state of Washington and you have children that are a product of the marriage that you are seeking to dissolve, you may have already spoken with an attorney who can help guide you through the process. Dissolving a marriage in which children are involved is no laughing […]

Determining Custody for Children of Divorce

If you are divorcing in the State of Washington, you probably already know most of the basic procedures that you must follow in order to obtain the divorce. You are also most likely aware that filing for the dissolution of a marriage in which children are involved is quite a bit more complicated. For example, […]

Divorce Resources

Many people forget that divorce is just as emotional for someone as the decision to get married was. Despite the fact that the marriage has soured and is no longer viable, divorces often come with a heavy sense of sadness, loneliness, and even deep feelings of failure. If you or someone you know has recently […]

How to File for Divorce in Spokane

Divorce law varies from state to state, and the state of Washington is no exception. If you find yourself looking to file for divorce in the state of Washington, it is important that you arm yourself with knowledge of the specific process you will need to follow when filing. A trained and certified Washington divorce […]

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