How to File for Divorce in Spokane

Divorce law varies from state to state, and the state of Washington is no exception. If you find yourself looking to file for divorce in the state of Washington, it is important that you arm yourself with knowledge of the specific process you will need to follow when filing. A trained and certified Washington divorce attorney will be able to walk you through the process step by step.

In Spokane County, Washington, divorces are handled by the Superior Court. Most divorces can be handled using only the forms and legal documents found on the Spokane Website. Generally speaking, in the State of Washington, you need the following documents to file for divorce:

  • The Confidential Information Form
  • The Summons
  • The Petition for Divorce

The purpose of the first form is to determine what information must be kept out of the public record. Only you, the court and your soon-to-be former spouse will have access to the information. The summons will let your spouse know that you have filed for divorce. Finally, the petition for divorce will outline what you wish to receive from the divorce, including houses, cars, and other property.

Filing for divorce in Spokane Country, Washington can be done without legal representation. That is to say, it can be handled pro se litigants. However, if you are looking to file for divorce, it would serve you well to consult an experienced divorce attorney who can guide you through the process.