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Harrington Law Office, PLLC has extensive experience handling traffic violation cases. We have skilled attorneys with expansive backgrounds in criminal and family law ready to help clients understand thier rights after they get a ticket infraction. Harrington Law Office, PLLC has consistently provided clients with successful representation in all our areas of practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The information on this page applies only to CIVIL TRAFFIC INFRACTIONS.

We can also assist you with criminal traffic violations, but if you need help with a criminal traffic matter you must contact our office by telephone at (509) 838-8300 to schedule a free consultation. Do not use this website to submit information related to a criminal case. If you are unsure if your case is criminal or not, call us today!

Q: What is www.SpokaneTicketGone.com?

A: We are a local law firm where part of our practice is focused on civil traffic infractions. Harrington Law Office, PLLC, PLLC, is located in Spokane, Washington. Aaron M. Rasmussen is a traffic attorney with Harrington Law Office, PLLC, PLLC, who has over ten years experience representing people with traffic related legal problems, from civil traffic infractions to criminal driving violations such as DUI, Reckless Driving, and felony driving offenses.

Q. What can you expect if you hire us to represent you for a civil traffic infraction?

A. Civil traffic infractions can be resolved a number of different ways in order to keep the civil traffic infraction from going on your record or affecting your insurance. These are the most common ways to resolve a civil traffic infraction:

  1. Contesting it and winning. This is, of course, the best outcome. We do not guarantee that if we contest your civil traffic infractions we will win. But where cases are evaluated and deemed to have a good chance for dismissal, we have a success rate of about 80% when contesting these civil traffic infractions.
  2. Amending to a non-moving violation. It is often possible to have your civil traffic infraction amended to a non-moving violation. Non-moving violations are not generally reported to insurance companies and are not a part of your publicly disseminated driving record. If your civil traffic infraction is amended you still have to pay a fine, but it should not affect your insurance or your driving abstract. This is not available in all cities and counties.
  3. Deferring the ticket. In Washington you can defer one moving violation and one non-moving violation every seven years. If you defer a civil traffic infraction you agree to go a period of time (usually one year) without any new traffic violations and pay an administrative fee. If you successfully make it through the year, your civil traffic infraction is dismissed.

There are other options available as well, and not everyone is eligible for all of the above options. When you submit your information through our website we will review the information that you provide and call you to discuss your options further.

Q. Will you need to appear in court?

A. The answer is almost always “no.” It is very rare for our clients to appear in court on a civil traffic infraction that we are handling for them.

Q. What are your fees?

A. For civil traffic infractions in Spokane County We charge a basic rate of $250.00. For civil traffic infractions outside of Spokane County the rates vary from $250.00 to $500.00. Note that some cases involve special circumstances that could cause the rates to be higher.

Q. What does that fee cover?

A. That fee covers our handling of your civil traffic infraction from the time you hire us until its final resolution in the original court proceeding. It does not cover an appeal of any adverse finding. It does not cover representation in any proceedings regarding whether or not you successfully complied with any term of probation, deferral, or other condition placed upon you by the court.

Q. Do we charge by the hour?

A. No. When we accept a civil traffic infraction case, we handle it for a flat fee. You will not receive a bill from us after you have paid the flat fee. We do not charge for travel time in addition to the flat fee. The only additional cost to you might be the cost of hiring an expert witness if necessary, preparing exhibits for the hearing, or other actual costs involved in handling the case. Those kinds of expenses are very rare and we would not incur any of those expenses without your advance approval.

Q. In which counties do we accept civil traffic infraction cases?

A. We represent people for civil traffic infractions in Spokane County, Whitman County, Adams County, Lincoln County, and Pend Oreille County. We also handle criminal driving cases in those counties and all over Eastern Washington. If you have a criminal matter, please call us today for a free consultation at 509-838-8300.

Q. What do you need to do to hire us?

A. Submit the form on the bottom of this page. Once you have submitted the form with all of the required information, we will review the information you provide and contact you the next business day to discuss your case. If we agree to handle your civil traffic infraction case, you will need to submit a client intake form and sign a fee agreement. The client intake form can be filled out via email. The fee contract must be signed and returned to our office. Once we have received the intake form, the fee agreement, and the fee has been paid in full, we will begin working on your civil traffic infraction case.

Q. Do we guarantee that your civil traffic infraction will be dismissed?

A. NO. We are proud of our successes in court and the results that we obtain for our clients, but WE DO NOT AND CANNOT GUARANTEE ANY PARTICULAR RESULT.